Imagine a ceremony that marks a major life event in a way that is personal, sincere, and honest…

Perhaps welcoming a much-loved baby to the world with a bespoke naming ceremony.

Or celebrating a couple’s marriage in a way that is warm and genuine, that’s about the two of them and their relationship, and is full laughter and perhaps a few tears too. Or a funeral that focuses on the person who had died and the life they led – not on the idea of an afterlife – and provides a dignified and sincere way of saying goodbye.

Humanist Ceremonies™ is the growing network of over 450 celebrants qualified and accredited by Humanists UK. Trained Humanist UK celebrants work across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands. (In Scotland celebrants are trained by the Humanist Society Scotland.)

Humanist UK celebrants create, write and conduct a range of ceremonies to mark the big moments in life, mostly (but not exclusively) baby naming ceremonies, weddings and funerals.

Humanists UK members were conducting humanist funerals as long ago as the 1890s. Humanist ceremonies are not unusual either – Humanists UK trained Celebrants take many thousands each year but perhaps this isn’t surprising since half of Britain’s population say they are not religious, and indeed only a third of marriages in England are held in a church, for example.

Providing high-quality, personal, non-religious ceremonies is something Humanist UK take very seriously. Celebrants are thoroughly trained and quality-assured. They are passionate about their work and providing people with an appropriate way to mark the most important moments in their lives.

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